I was strolling around Cork hand-in-hand with Cara on a bright, Irish summer evening. It was the finest place on earth. I was in a suit and tie - untucked, unbuttoned and loose, except for my dress shoes, two sizes too small because they were the only ones I could find at the…
John Tukey said that the best thing about being a statistician is that you get to play in everyone’s backyard. It’s a great quote. While it more…
Episode #456: Hidden Subgroups
Just in case anyone needs to hear this…when presenting survival curves, you shouldn’t first group people based on how long they survived. That is all.
We all have secret futures, and stories never told. I could have zigged, but instead I zagged. Turned left instead of right. What if I never tried to…
lol as if.
But I'm going to try and do it in as few as possible. #fml
Thoughts on improving representation in #StatsTwitter and beyond
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